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René Tavernier



Poèmes 34 Poems. Ed. and translation by J.B. Gerald. Introduction by René Tavernier. Bilingual edition. Moody / New York, J.B.Gerald & J.Maas, 1984. ISBN 0-941917-07-X.  







Albert Schweitzer


le problème de l'éthique dans l'evolution de la pensée humaine / the difficulty of ethics in the evolution of human thought,   translation by J.B.Gerald. Preface by Rhena Schweitzer Miller. French text: Revue des Travaux de l'Académie des Sciences Morales & Politiques. Bilingual edition. Moody Maine, J.B.Gerald & J.Maas, 1985. ISBN 0-941917-10-X.







United Nations



The Crime of Genocide & Bill of Human Rights: U.N. Texts (ed. J.B.Gerald). Offset, staplebound. 59 pages. Moody Maine, Editions Gerald & Maas, 1989. ISBN 0-941917-12-6.








Common Rights and Expectations: United Nations texts of primary treaties concerning rights of people, ed. & foreword, J.B.Gerald. (Canadian revised edition) Ottawa, editions Gerald and Maas, 1996. ISBN 0-941917-18-5.

Online edition     Nightslantern genocide warnings.  






John Bart Gerald




Jonsongs, poems.
First edition. Typed, offset. 52 pages. New York City, author published, 1981. ISBN 0-941917-03-7.








Second edition. Calligraphy by Julie Maas. Hand-lettered, offset. 56 pages. New York City, author & artist, 1982. ISBN 0-941917-04-5.










Plainsongs, poems. With blockprints and calligraphy by Julie Maas. Moody Maine, author & artist / J.B.Gerald & J.Maas, 1985. 54 pages. ISBN 0-941917-09-6







Country Poems. With drawings by Julie Maas. Moody Maine, author & artist, Editions Gerald & Maas, 1991. 64 pages. ISBN 0-941917-14-2.





37 Poems 53 pages. 4.5" x 5.5" offset, staplebound.
Handrubbed blockprint cover by Julie Maas. Ottawa, Gerald and Maas, 1998. Paper. ISBN 0-941917-19-3.

"a small telling treasure..." - Puckerbrush Review
"He's new..." - ARC




Poems from a River City49 pages. 4.5" x 5.5" staplebound. Ottawa, Gerald and Maas, 2000. Paper. ISBN 0-941917-20-7.






River with Lights, poems. With drawings by Julie Maas. 70 pages. First edition of 250 copies. Offset printing, perfectbound. Ottawa, Gerald and Maas, 2005. Paper. ISBN 0-9731090-1-7.

"Your art gives wings to our striving..." Daniel Berrigan

"It is heartening in an age of surprising apathy, to encounter poetry so committed to the union of art and life. These poems are rarely about just one thing, but are pointing to the interconnectedness of all things. They bring home the web of history, race, economics, exploitation, and stifling conformity which surrounds us. These are really songs of resistance, whose harsh truths are tempered by the nobility of action and the beauty of the natural world." - Keith Althaus

“A great little book of great little poems, some personal, some political, all heartfelt. Hauntingly illustrated. Inspirational.” - Michael Mandel

"Published just before the end of 2005, this collection of poems is dedicated to the disappeared and encompasses colonial oppression, wars of liberation, prison, those who died on 9/11 and in the 'war on terror,' lies of politicians, but also love, natural beauty, and truth. This book reminds busy activists of the power of just a few words and art to touch people on a different level than articles and speeches can." - Ruth Benn, Nonviolent Activist

"It is always a pleasure to see what can be accomplished by Canadians when they passionately engage all their talents and resources to shape their dreams. Your efforts have produced a wonderful collection, as well as beautiful drawings, that can be enjoyed by Canadians across the country." - Michaëlle Jean as Governor General of Canada.




Early novels with Viking Press (A Thousand Thousand Mornings,, 1964) and Farrar Straus & Giroux (Conventional Wisdom, 1972). Short stories with Harper's, Atlantic Monthly, The Best American Short Stories of 1969 and 1970, reviews and anthologies.




Applegather, a mythical American underground, a novel. Calligraphy and etching reproductions by Julie Maas. New York City, author & artist, 1978. ISBN 0-941917-00-2.

"Bravo" -Grace Paley.

"John Bart Gerald is a good writer..." -Bernard Malamud.

"Both the typography and illustrations allow one to appreciate this book as an art work alone." - Jacob Lawrence.

"...wonderfully poetic...the etchings are a just complement..."- Romare Bearden.

"...Hauntingly elusive...with characteristic lyric intensity..." - Stanley Kunitz.

"...cast of hundreds; abundant invention, happy mingling of fantasy and reality, punchy humor..." -Puckerbrush Review.





Conscience, a novel. With scratchboard illustrations by Julie Maas. 132 pages, typed. Perfectbind. Moody / New York, author & artist, J.B.Gerald & J.Maas, 1984. ISBN 0-941917-08-8.

"Jungles of the mind and heart, jungles of the land and academe offbeat read which will challenge your brain cells...."-Hornidge, Rockland Courier-Gazette.






Soul Game, an American novel. Unreviewed. New York City, author published, 1980. First and second printing. ISBN 0-941917-01-0.









Truth and Maud, a modern allegory.  Moody Maine, J.B.Gerald & J.Maas, 1987. ISBN 0-941917-1.8. 









Geometry, or the Unwanted Man, a novel. With two handrubbed blockprints by Julie Maas bound in. Numbered edition of 300, signed by author & artist. Moody Maine, Editions Gerald and Maas, 1989. ISBN 0-941917-13-4.








Internal Exile, 10 short stories. Drawings by Julie Maas. Moody Maine, Editions J.B.Gerald & J. Maas, 1992. 72 pages. ISBN 0-941917-15-0.







New Englanders,10 short stories. ISBN 0-941917-16-9. Blockprints by Julie Maas. Moody Maine, Editions J.B.Gerald & J. Maas, 1992. 52 pages.

"...goes to the very bone of existence..." - Maine in Print.






Early Lessons,10 short stories. Graphic art by Julie Maas. Moody Maine, Editions J.B.Gerald & J. Maas, 1992. 64 pages. ISBN 0-941917-17-7.

" a good book...the art works like the stories, are simple, beautiful and worth the time to get to know." Anarchy magazine.












Dissident Accounts. New York City, author published, 1980. First and second printings.ISBN 0-941917-02-9.









On Resistance. New York City, author published 1982. ISBN 0-941917-05-3.





Lectures for Nonconformists, essays. Drawings by Julie Maas. Moody & New York, author & artist, J.B.Gerald & J.Maas, 1983. ISBN 0-941917-06-1.








Arguments with the Thought Police, essays. With drawings by Julie Maas; printed, bound, published by author & artist. First edition of 125 copies, 128 pages with an additional 20 un-numbered pages of drawings. 7" by 7", hand stitched, soft cover and dustjacket. Ottawa, Gerald and Maas, 2002. Paper. ISBN 0-9731090-0-9.

Online edition, ISBN 0-941917-21-5.




Manifest, essays. Genocides we are living through and where they come from. With drawings by Julie Maas. 7" x 7" softcover, printed, hand-stitched in-house. 74 pages. Ottawa: Gerald and Maas, 2007. ISBN 978-0-9731090-2-3.


"... powerful and enlightening in these dark times of the downfall of empire..." Daniel Berrigan





Sources of Contemporary Genocide, with graphics by Julie Maas. Imprint John Bart Gerald & Julie Maas, Montreal, and Tablo PTY Ltd., 2020. ISBN 9781922439604. 458 page, paperback. ISBN 9781922439598 e-book.






Night's Lantern. A website concerned with the prevention of genocide, by John Bart Gerald with graphics by Julie Maas and guest contributions as credited. Canada, Gerald and Maas, 2001- ongoing [access:< >].





Julie Maas

Her early illustrations can be found in The Vegetarian Epicure (1 & 2), Spring She Said, and other cookbooks, children's books and poetry. Her graphics and artwork appear throughout Gerald and Maas books and webpages.



A Alphabet. 28 pages. First edition. 5.5" x 7" softcover. Printed, hand-stitched, bound, in-house. Ottawa, Gerald and Maas, 2007. Paper, ISBN 978-0-9731090-3-0. Digital edition ISBN 978-0-9731090-5-4.

"Maas redefines body language...The only words in Alphabet are the title, author's name and publication data. The font speaks for itself." -Amphora, Journal of the Alcuin Society







The Adventures of a Cat. 4" x 5". 28 pages. Ottawa, Gerald and Maas, 2009. Thread bound. Edition of thirty.








Red arabesque


Lost painting" Gaza

Depleted uranium

Green string







etchings, prints and other
works on paper


folio 1.. Three etchings with watercolour. "Real books,""Night thoughts,""42nd street." Numbered edition of 50 (stopped at 33), 1981.

folio 2. Two etchings with watercolour. "Disappeared" and "Green comb." Edition of 50 (stopped at 24), 1982.

folio 3. Two etchings with watercolour. "Greetings from New England" and "Hats and Masks." Edition of 50 (stopped at 9), 1983.

folio 4. "an alphabet" (1 & 2). 1983.       Available at Fitch-Febvrel Gallery

folio 5. 4 etchings with aquatint, gardens in Menton: "Menton night," "Dream Palm," "Foliage," "Datura." Edition of 7. 1984.

folio 6. Ten blockprints for Plainsongs. Unnumbered, 1986.

folio 7. The 14 etchings from applegather, collected from early work.

folio 8. Two etchings about etching. Edition of 7, 1985.

folio 9.. Two etchings with watercolour. "Sandbar" and "Tide." Edition of 10, 1986.

folio 10. 3 small etchings with watercolour, on two pages. "Spirit of the Squash." Edition of 13, 1986.

folio 11. Exiles, two etchings with aquatint. "Cafe" and "Bar." Edition of 20, 1989.

folio 12. 5 blockprints, 3 colour on cover and 4 portraits, "Earth,""Air,""Fire,""Water." Edition of 15 (incomplete), 1990.

folio 13."Carnival world," 4 etchings w. chine collée & stamps. 4" x 4". Edition of 12 (incomplete), 2010.


single etchings

"lowertown." Colour etching (3 plates). Image size 7.5" x 9" +/-. Edition of 10. 1997.

"because upstairs they are crazy." Image size 7.5" x 9" +/-. Edition of 22. 2006.

"october." Image size 8.75" x 7.5" +/-. Edition of 10. 1999.

"new year horse." Etching with chine-collé. image size 4" x4". 2002.

"cold spring." Color etching (3 plates)/ aquatint, with bird stamps. Image size 9" x 7.25". 1997.

"dog & the moon." Etching from applegather. 4" x 6". 1978

"ferris wheel." Etching. 4"x 4". 2008





print city Unique blockprint, approximately 33" by 47" built with the artist's linocuts and found objects on one sheet of handmade paper, completed 2005.


posters and broadsheets

"7 posters." Poems by John Bart Gerald, graphics by Julie Maas. 11" x 14. Folio. Museum board protective cover. Ottawa, Gerald and Maas, 2004.

Gerald and Maas posters and broadsheets with graphics by Julie Maas.




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