Sources of Contemporary Genocide
by John Bart Gerald, graphics by Julie Maas. Gerald & Maas / Tablo Pty Ltd., 2020.
ISBN 9781922439604, paper. 458 pages. ISBN 9781922439598, e-book.

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Indications of contemporary genocide, focusing on France, the United States, Myanmar, Libya, Canada, Guatemala, South Africa, Sudan, Greece, Central African Republic, Ukraine, Israel/Palestine, Cameroon, Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Venezuela, among other countries, and how the risk of genocide has become normalized in our thinking. In 1989 Gerald & Maas published the United Nations Convention on Genocide with supporting documents when it was out of print at the U.N.. A Canadian revised edition appeared in 1996 and remains online for free.


"One aspect of peacemaking is the struggle to keep one's eyes open and be aware of efforts being made, especially through propaganda of various kinds, to make us regard war and genocidal actions as inevitable and necessary....For years John Bart Gerald has been closely following current genocidal campaigns around the world and has now published a book, Sources of Contemporary Genocide, that provides a compendium of carefully researched reports that anti-war campaigners will find valuable." - Jim Forest





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